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Anillin: buying time for contractile signalling

Pleased to announce a new paper out in Developmental Cell that reveals Anillin's role in contractile signalling and, in the process, sets out a new type of scaffold: a kinetic scaffold.

The paper has been given a lovely write up (paywall) by the excellent Ed Munro at Chicago.

In short, the idea is that Anillin can actually help RhoA signal to contractile effectors such as ROCK and mDia, even though they all share a common binding interface on RhoA. Normally, this would imply that Anillin competes with effectors, blocking their access. However, we show that by simultaneously concentrating the acidic phospholipid, PIP2, Anillin increases the likelihood of a RhoA-PIP2 association, which increases the dwell time of RhoA at the cortex, leading to an overall increase in effector engagement.

Big thanks goes to all the team, especially Sri Budnar, Alpha Yap and Kabir Husain.

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