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Now Hiring!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Seeking two exceptional postdocs to come and be the first members of my team!

New postdoc ads are now live! Please help make this group a real group (i.e., with more than one person!). I am seeking talented and fun people to come and work with me in Sydney. I am looking for candidates with expertise in either statistical mechanics / stochastic processes or theoretical / computational soft-condensed matter physics (to be interpreted liberally, encompassing analytical and computational work). Don't be shy, please get in contact if you have any questions. Otherwise apply via the UNSW web portal. It's the usual fare: CV, cover letter, and two references (one of which is preferably your PhD supervisor).

Possible projects span a variety of scales, from sub-cellular molecular signalling to membrane hydrodynamics & embedded proteins, endosomal transport & intra-cellular trafficking, tissue morphology & rheology and even collective animal behaviour and evolutionary game theory. Also happy to discuss alternative ideas and directions more tailored to a candidiate's previous expertise.

Deadline is midnight (Sydney time!) on Tuesday 30th April. Successful candidates are notionally expected to be in place by early 2020 at the latest (visa issues not withstanding).

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